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An Exercised Dog Will Be A Happy, Contented Pet

If pets are left alone with little stimulation or company, they may become bored and anxious. Shelby Marlo, dog trainer to the likes of Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston, says that “Something like 80% of behaviour problems – barking, chewing, separation anxiety, aggression – can be solved by proper exercise.

If you are busy, time poor or your lifestyle does not give you the opportunity to cater to your pet’s exercise and social requirements, you may be setting yourself up for some stressful home comings! A solution could be as simple as calling on Love Your Pet’s Dog Walking or Day Creche services.

Our Aim

At Love Your Pet, we do more than just walk your pooch. We know that owners appreciate a well behaved pet and if your dog has good walking and socialising skills our walkers will maintain this on every walk. If not we will introduce some basic training into your pet’s walk and you will soon notice and appreciate great improvement.

We believe that reinforcing good behaviours in a dog results in a happy, calm and balanced pet, which in turn adds to the enjoyment of pet ownership and minimises stress.

Flexible, Personalised Approach

  • On leash, off leash, one on one or group walks.
  • Choose daily, weekly or any combination which suits you, your dog and your budget.
  • We will pick up and return your pet to your door.
  • Need to change your schedule, or cancel? No problem, we will not charge for this.
  • Occasional or short notice walks catered for.
  • Want to keep your dog on-leash. Of course we will honour your request. Or you may find confidence in your dog is enhanced by some dedicated Re-call Training.
  • Servicing all city and metropolitan areas.
  • Reliability, with back-up team members.
  • Regular contact and feedback with you, the owner.

The Walk

It’s an old saying but true: “practice makes perfect”! At Love Your Pet we know that basic obedience skills make for a calm, balanced pet. Our walkers are coached to establish and maintain good behavior from the moment we collect your dog from home.

  • Leading up is encouraged in a calm well mannered way.
  • Each dog is trained to enter and exit the vehicle on command and in an orderly manner.
  • Time is spent practicing walking to heel with stop and stay commands and reinforce reliable recall.
  • As part of the socialisation experience, our walkers promote the ‘meet and greet’ experience and make a point of introducing your pet to other dogs and owners in a supervised and controlled manner.
  • The greater part of the walk is given over to free play and interaction with other dogs so your pet returns home well stimulated, tired and happy. It’s not just about exercise – it is being outdoors, being with other dogs and socialisation.
  • And of course, lots of affirmation of good behavior with treats, cuddles and pats.


You are the most important person in your dog’s life, so Love Your Pet offers a FREE Pet Parenting service to all clients. Or book a Dog Training session so we can teach you how to keep your dog’s skills honed between walking and socialisation sessions.

We look forward to caring for your dog when you can’t.

For Number One Pet Care when you can’t be there, call Ursula at:
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Dog Training at Love Your Pet

After a good Love Your Pet walk

Group Walking Dogs by Love Your Pet

Dog walking is essential for your dogs happiness

Walk in Park with Love Your Pet

Walk in Park with Love Your Pet

Love Your Pet Melbourne

Group dog walk means lots of socialisation

Dogs love to socialise Melbourne

Dogs love to socialise Melbourne

Happy Dogs at Love Your Pet

Happy Dogs at Love Your Pet

Lots of socializing and exercise at Love Your Pet

Lots of socializing and exercise at Love Your Pet