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Ursula, Love Your Pet, Melbourne.

Ursula – and her Lhasa Apso “Sugar” plus adopted Shitsu X “Prince”

Ursula’s love and compassion for animals has always been great but having always owned cat’s it wasn’t until late in life she was gifted her first dog and discovered her inate natural ability with canines. Now in Pet’s heaven, Maltese Terrier, Champagne went on location doing a TV soapie, appeared in TV ads and featured on billboards all over Melbourne – all by the time she was 12 months old. The animal casting agent said they had never used such a young pooch so successfully.

With her next dogs, Lhasa’s Bliss & Sugar, Ursula joined the VISPAT team visiting in-patients at the Royal Women’s Hospital and they were so well behaved it was the first time they allowed two dogs to visit in tandem.

From there, destiny called and Ursula opened her home to visiting pets. After 15 years she is now also skilled in grooming and dog training. Ursula’s long time passion is researching the best foods, health care and grooming products available to ensure the best health and wellbeing of pets, sourcing and she uses and recommending products which are free from chemicals, preservatives, colours and toxins.

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Mel, Love Your Pet - Pet Care Melbourne

Mel with her two dogs Onyx and Bonnie

Mel joined the LYP team in early 2015 to help Ursula care for our furry friends and help out in the office. Having been an avid animal lover since she was a little girl, this role combines her business admin skills with her love of animals and is currently studying Cert IV in Companion Animal Services. Mel is excited about being surrouned by animals on a daily basis.

Mel has pets of her own, two dogs – one called Onyx (a Schipperke) and the other, Bonnie (a miniature fox terrier), two cats, Cloud and Satine as well as fish, and an axolotl (which although known as a “walking fish” it is not a fish, but actually an amphibian).

Mel loves looking after and pampering animals of all sorts and will do everything to ensure your pets are happy and cared for when you can’t be there.



Victor (dog walker) pictured with LYP residents Zara and Claude

Victor with LYP residents Zara and Claude

Victor has been a committed volunteer  at his local animal shelter in Keysborough for the past eight months, caring for and walking  dogs, including basic obedience training and giving much needed love and attention to the residents.   His patience and tolerant nature, combined with his love of fitness, make him a very capable walker with even  the most challenging dogs.  He treats any dog he comes across as if it were his own and of course, his own dog Kaia (Poodle X Shitzu ) is thoroughly spoilt with constant affection.

Victor’s love of pets has led him to abandon his studies of three years as a medical student and change course to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a vet.  Gentle in nature but strongly motivated, we find his diligence, integrity and passion for animals second to none and your furry family would definitely be loved and in very safe and caring hands anytime that you can’t be there.




Mariah with her Cat Ruby.

Growing up in a household in Perth, Western Australia, Mariah has always been an animal lover and has been surrounded by pets all her life. Her first working experience was volunteering at a native animal shelter when she was 15. She has experience working (and playing) with dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and reptiles.

Having just moved to Melbourne from Tasmania after completing her studies, Mariah is more than happy to spend her spare time pampering other people’s furry friends. She loves exploring her new town by going for long walks around the suburbs and through the laneways, as well as to parks and cafes. Mariah is the kind of person who, without fail, will stop in the street every time she sees and dog and say hello.

Currently Mariah has one furry friend at home (and that’s not including her partner, Tom); a black indoor cat named Ruby, who has met and gotten along with many other animals, big and small. Mariah loves taking care of animals and you can be sure that your pet would definitely be loved and in very safe hands when you can’t be there.




Rebecca with her two Eclectus Parrots Eddie and Timmy.

Rebecca has a deep passion in the welfare and conversation of all animals, great and small, but more specifically in small animals, especially of the avian species.

Her background involves a deep understanding of the behavioural, genetically and survival mechanisms of the animal kingdom, through her studies in a animal veterinary bio-science.

At home Rebecca owns 5 birds each with their own unique personalities.

Rebecca regularly walks different breeds of dogs and is familiar with many of Melbourne’s parks. Every animal is unique and treated as an individual personality and character in Rebecca’s eyes and she looks forward to meeting new additions.




Ken & Julie

Ken and Julie with their Collie Chaz.

Ken & Julie are passionate animal lovers, and provide a calm and gentle environment for visiting pooches in their elegant terrace home in the central location of Richmond. They share their home with two spoilt cats and their beautifully behaved and well socialised Sheltie, Chad.

Ken is a broad scale animal lover of all species and loves to connect with wildlife on his regular nature walks. Foremost, he is a writer of renowned note and relishes his time writing in the sanctuary of his garden studio whilst enjoying the company of his adored Chaz and additional visiting canines. Ken can be found on the web and publishes under the name Cenarth Fox.






Silvia enjoying the sun with a Love Your Pet guest.

Silvia grew up on a fruit farm surrounded by a menagerie of animals: cats, dogs, couple of horses, a few milking cows, tortoises, pet birds, plus pet snakes and iguanas.

In recent years she has owned a miniature apricot Poodle called Bonito, and an adorable Pomeranian called Heidi. Both were much loved and Heidi lived to the ripe old age of twenty.

These days Sylvia travels a lot so having her own dog is not a practical option, but she loves caring for other people’s pets as a delightful alternative.

Dog owners love her large, securely enclosed back yard and know that their furry friend will be cared for with lots of love and attention.





Tanya with her dog Zara

Tanya has a calm, caring nature and adores all dogs, along with her own little dog “Zara” a rare Schipperke breed, whom is a loved family member and very comfortable with furry playmates coming to visit, as for several years now Tanya has been finding great pleasure in minding pets for family and friends when they go away for holidays.

We are certainly very happy that Tanya has been introduced to Love Your Pet by a staff member as she fits our team profile perfectly, along with husband Steve and fifteen year old son, Sam who are equally as caring and will provide a loving, relaxed and safe home for your pet when you can’t be there.





Sally, Cat Minding, Love Your Pet, Petcare Melbourne

Sally – and LYP resident Rex Cat, Claude and Prince & Sugar.

With a background as a certified accountant Sally ditched the stresses of the corporate world and now specialises in keeping books for non for profit organisations and small business.

In her spare time Sally backs up Ursula with pet minding, dog walking and doing the book-keeping.

She is indispensable after spending a resident eight years at Love Your Pet and has a deep affection for all our furry visitors, in particular the cats who always gravitate to her and take over her bed… we believe she was a cat in her past life!


Susan’s love for animals started in the horse world where she worked with quarter horses, nurturing and developing the trust of problem animals before re-homing them. She also worked as a strapper in thoroughbred stables and then as a carer at Perfect Cat Holiday Home where she achieved a Cert 1 in Hills nutrition. Also, she studied Cert IV in Companion Animal Services‎ and over the past year has been furthering her grooming skills with hands on tutoring from Ursula at Love Your Pet.

Susan is mother to four lovely children and has found working with pets fits in well with her animal loving kids – they have four pets of their own, ‘Poko’ & “Brax” the cats, ‘Louie’ the Poodle and ‘Perry’ a cockatiel. She has a natural affinity and understanding of all creatures great and small which is also strongly displayed in her youngest daughter Jemma, who spends as much time as she can with her mum in her work with pets. Her experience and dedication to the pet industry makes Susan a great all rounder and perfect in the position of Personal Assistant to Ursula. plus a very special member of the Love Your Pet team.


Jasmine spending some one on one time with her Love Your Pet guest.

Throughout her childhood Jasmine grew up in a household full of pets, including dogs, cats and birds – all of which were very much a part of the family. This environment greatly contributed to her understanding and appreciation of our furry four legged friends and their needs.

Along with her family, she also lived a number of years on a dairy farm, helping out with milking cows and working with farm dogs, while spending school holidays in Shepparton with her aunt who had many dogs as well as horses. She really has been surrounded by pets all her life and has always dreamed about working with animals on a full time basis.

Now, for the first time in her life she is without her own pet after her beloved Staffy, Milo passed away at the age of 14 but she is happily fulfilling her dream of working with animals by joining the Love Your Pet team. Jasmine has a calm and confident nature and along with her passion for animals and her wide array of experience, your four legged friends couldn’t be in better hands when you can’t be there!


Judith, Love Your Pet, Pet Care Melbourne

Judith working with some furry friends at Love Your Pet

Judith has been contracted to Love Your Pet with a view to developing our marketing as well as office systems and procedures. Apart from being amazing at what she does we just love her super positive and happy vibe whenever she is in the office.

She has been an animal lover all of her life and has always been surrounded by pets. Her first weekend job was in a pet and garden supplies shop from where she invariably took home a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster each week, and even once a tortoise, to add to her menagerie of pets at home which also included the family cat Jimmy and a handful of chickens.

Currently Judith has two pets at home, Missy; a black lab and Jasper; a seal point Birman but she loves coming to work with the Love Your Pet team where she is surrounded by cats and dogs. She says it doesn’t feel like work at all!