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Pet Minding


Whether it is a day, a week, a month or long term pet care you require for your furry family member, Love Your Pet has the flexibility and rates to suit your needs. (See rates page)

We will also love and cater for puppies, kittens, aged, infirm and disabled pets, plus administer flea treatment, medications and injections where required.

Depending on the nature and temperament of your cat/s or dog/s (and particularly if they have behavioral, anxiety or separation issues), leaving them on their own or putting them in a kennel/cattery can present problems. If you leave them at home, surviving on a visit or two per day, they may become lonely and anxious. However, boarding them in kennels or a cattery will mean they’ll be caged much of the time, and not receive the physical attention they may crave.

We are dedicated in providing care for any pet, including dietary, behavioral or medical challenges they bring with them. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure peace of mind for you, and loving care for your pet. It has been regularly commented by owners that they have noticed an improvement in their pet’s behavior or health on returning home.

At Love Your Pet we give 24 hour attention and our carers are coached in reinforcing basic obedience (including specific instructions from pet parents). We also go out of our way to recognise and assist pets in overcoming inherent behavioral issues).


  • Indoor living (cage-free environment)
  • Promote your pet’s socializing skills.
  • Care of any ongoing medical needs from a qualified pet first aider
  • A dedicated daily walk, incorporating basic obedience (See DOG WALKING page)
  • Proven track record for successful interaction and socializing between cats and dogs.
  • Basic grooming and maintenance as necessary (See rates for full Groom & Clip)
  • Plenty of playtime and affection.
  • Back up carers in case of emergency.
  • Ongoing phone consultations and advice supplied.


Love Your Pet is an organisation which prides itself in offering flexibility and will tailor the hours and care to suit the needs of you and your pet. We offer access to your Pet Minder at all times. Know how your pet is doing via Skype, text, email and photos.

Pick up and drop off times are flexible and if your flight is delayed or you need to extend your pet’s visit, don’t stress, we are here to accommodate your needs with minimum fuss.

Fourteen-year-old Porscha and 14-week-old Dougal have very different needs, but both had a wonderful time and made friends while being cared for by a Love Your Pet Minder.

Benny had such a great time that whenever his mum walks him in the park near the Love Your Pet Minder’s house, he always wants to visit.

Love Your Pet has even successfully negotiated international transport arrangements for a pet when an owner was not able to qualify to re-enter Australia as a resident.

After a good Love Your Pet walk

After a good Love Your Pet walk

A happy pet at Love Your Pet

A happy pet at Love Your Pet

Pet Minding in a home environment

Pet Minding in a home environment

Pet Care including Home Visits by Ursula Juffermans

Pet Care including Home Visits by Ursula Juffermans

Dog Grooming in a Home Environment

Ursula Juffermans_Dog Grooming Melbourne

Dog Grooming Melbourne

Why not have your pet expertly groomed/clipped in your absence so that picking them up is sheer bliss with no additional chores or appointments on your return. (See Grooming Page)