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Pet Parenting


Caring About You… the Pet Owner

At Love Your Pet, founder Ursula Juffermans, is passionate about the well being of all animals, particularly dogs and cats. She also has empathy for Pet Parents, understanding, that sometimes they do not have the time or resources to do the very best for their furry family members. So this page is dedicated to you… the pet owner.

Feeding & Nutrition

Ursula has been passionate about holistic natural health, and nutrition for decades and believes it is just as important to provide chemical and preservative free nutrition for pets.

Extensive research, thirty years experience with her own pets, plus 14 years caring for visiting pets makes Ursula a valuable source of information for her clients and others, seeking advice and education to enhance the longevity and well being of their pets. Good nutrition and avoidance of toxins can eliminate, control or at least minimise; weight gain, allergic conditions and illness, saving pet parents money and stress and offering their pets a long, happy, healthy life. Testimonial

Love Your Pet recommends the following food products and suppliers

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Love Your Pet chemical & preservative guide and warnings

Non Toxic Flea and Tick Repellent

Most holistic flea and tick control solutions are far from effective, but finally Ursula has sourced and recommends an exciting new product to keep your felines and canines free of fleas and ticks, completely non toxic and chemical free…. YAAAY!

  • New Nano Technology – 95% effective (more efficient than any chemical Solution)
  • Cost only $50 – money back guarantee (twenty million sold worldwide with no Returns)
  • No fuss, waterproof and effective for two years Visit my website for more info on “Pet Protector


Raising a dog can be like raising a child – like any other family member, your pet needs to know what is expected of it. Unlike a human child however, you can’t simply reason or negotiate with your dog. As a pet parent, authority and control, plus clear communication will be the hallmarks of raising a happy, calm and well mannered family pet.

As soon as you introduce a new dog into the family you should establish a pecking order with you, your spouse and your children above your pet. You also need to take time out to think about how you want your adult dog to behave and implement training strategies with constant repetition to educate it (if you do not want your dog on the couch as an adult, then don’t allow it as a puppy). All members of the family, including children and visitors should treat your dog the same or it will just get confused and the training process will take longer.

It is never too early or too late to develop great behaviour in your furry family member.

Many clients who have experienced our unique brand of pet minding and dog walking & socialization have been delighted in the change for the better in their pets. This is due to a number of things including, gentle but firm discipline, applied and practiced as part of all our services. Testimonial

IF you need hands on help visit our Training page

Existing clients enjoy free help and advice for the life time of their pet/s. Testimonial

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